My name is Michael, and I have decided to create a travel blog that is a little different than the other blogs and definitely different than most of the travel magazines you will find out there. I have always been passionate about getting out and seeing new places, but when I would pick up a magazine to get ideas about where to go or what to do, the articles in these magazines would be about these over the top, obscure, third world type places. Or, you would read about how their accommodations would be some exclusive, high-priced resort, or a hard to find B&B. Now there is nothing wrong with going and doing that, but I never traveled that way, and I didn’t know anyone that traveled that way.  I would get my two or three weeks of vacation time from my job and look to go somewhere on a budget and stay at a chain hotel. I kept it simple, and I kept it domestic. I figured that since America has so many great places that I have not visited, I would go see all of those before I would starting flying all over the world. So, when I started going to all of these new places, it dawned on me that half of the fun was getting there. That is where the idea for Road Trip Soloist came from. Road Trip Soloist will be a blog about simple, exciting road trips to places that the average person can embrace and actually go out and see for themselves. So I hope you enjoy reading about my adventures from the road and hopefully I can inspire a few of you to go make some of your own.